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Facilitating Change

Our Partners founded Day-2 to create change in industry, not to conform with outdated norms and corporate expectations but to be at the forefront of the much needed industrial revolution required to make a success of our Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.

Day-2 facilitates customers to deliver their strategic objectives using the Intelligent Customer Framework ™. Our services include; Key Advisor, Strategic Business Partnering, Organisational & Behavioural Change and Executive & Leadership Teams.

We are built on the experience of large scale, complex projects across the Infrastructure and Energy sectors with a specific focus on Critical Asset Delivery (£BN+), Portfolio Management, Organisational Design & Development and Executive Search.

We encourage you to be part of our quest for industrial change by connecting with our Partners, Greg Elton & Greg Bogie. For more information on their vision and the Day-2 model click here

Key Advisor

Aimed at Owners moving towards an Enterprise led model, our insights position those invested in the specific needs of a programme’s strategic objectives a unique level of decision-making throughout the entirety of The Intelligent Customer Framework™.

Moving focus away from short term functional improvements, Day-2 facilitates sustainable organisational effectiveness by advising on long lasting corrective action triggers as well as identifying unconscious operational blind spots from within existing decision making forums.

Strategic Business Partner

As businesses look to integrate the specific requirements of their clients, we are able to provide the highest standard of facilitation and support aimed at delivering strategic outcomes to the full benefit of all stakeholders.

We facilitate the shared understandings and values of our customers to act as a trusted and objective integrator in other complex and multi-tiered projects such as; Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Restructuring and Departmental Integration.

Organisational & Behavioural Change

Our Organisational & Behavioural tools are designed to educate and upskill leadership teams to embrace thought diversity.

We partner with our customers, broadening their approach to differing thinking preferences. This enables them to collaborate, predict, manage and effectively deliver highly complex business problems in a manner that wasn’t previously possible.

Executive and Leadership Teams

Day-2 supports organisations designing & shaping high performing leadership teams capable of delivering the industry’s most challenging programmes and business objectives.

The knowledge, experience and global reach of our Partners make us capable of delivering a flexible, high-performing Executive Search, Talent Mapping and Resource Partnering service unique to the business context of our clients.